OACB Public Education Sessions

OACB Offering Free Virtual Education Series to People Served by County Boards and their Families

OACB has been leading statewide efforts to increase awareness and promote prevention efforts in the area of abuse and victimization of people with developmental disabilities.  OACB has partnered with a former sheriff's detective to create free virtual education sessions for families and people with developmental disabilities that will give them a better understanding of how to effectively work with law enforcement.  These sessions will be held via zoom.  More information about each session and the links to register are below.

These sessions include:


What to Watch For: Bad People with Bad Intentions

Sometimes, there are bad people among us who would target a person with a developmental disability due to their vulnerability. As a former sheriff's detective, Joe Storad has encountered this victimization and will provide some tips on who and what to watch for. This session will also discuss warning signs that to be aware of. 

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How to Speak Up When Being Mistreated

People with developmental disabilities are victimized four times more than any other group of people with disabilities, and up to 12 times more than people without disabilities. Frequently, a person with a developmental disability is abused 20 or more times before anyone is aware of the abuse. This course will share information on how and why you should speak up if mistreated, including falsehoods that abusers typically use to prevent the victim from reporting the abuse. This session will provide tips on what to do when being mistreated including who to tell, when to tell, how to tell, and ways to document the mistreatment. 

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How to Advocate When a Family Member has been a Crime Victim: Insights and Guidance from a Law Enforcement Perspective

There is significant inconsistency in Ohio with law enforcement, prosecutors, and the courts when it comes to arrests, prosecution and conviction of people who commit crimes against people with developmental disabilities. This course will share insights and guidance on how to advocate when a family member has been a crime victim. This session will provide a basic overview of investigations, plea agreements, the use of the Abuser Registry, and sharing of evidence.

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About the Instructor:  OACB First Responder Liaison Joe Storad brings over 28 years of law enforcement experience. Prior to his retirement, Joe worked in a dual capacity between the Summit County Sheriff's Department and the Summit County Board of Developmental Disabilities for 9 years.  Upon completion of his retirement, Mr. Storad had over 250 arrests with a 100% conviction rate for crimes committed against people with developmental disabilities.