Kenneth Legats Award for Visionary Leadership in Administration

In conjunction with the Region V superintendents, the OACB Board of Trustees presents the Kenneth Legats Award for Visionary Leadership in Administration annually to recognize an experienced executive manager in Ohio's DD support system who has shown high ideals, vision, and moral leadership in the administration of programs for people with developmental disabilities. The award recognizes senior professionals who lead with innovation, thoughtfulness, and professionalism.

To be considered, nominees must have a minimum of 20 years experience in Ohio's DD field and must have served in an executive-level position at a county board or DD support organization. In addition, nominees should have had a hand in creating new and innovative structures or tools that improve operations and set an example for other boards/agencies to follow. Potential nominees can include superintendents, provider agency or non-profit CEOs, and county board department heads (i.e. business managers, SSA directors, etc.).

About Kenneth "Ken" Legats
Kenneth "Ken" Legats was the long-time superintendent of the Muskingum County Board of Developmental Disabilities. During his decades of service to people with developmental disabilities, he was known as a quiet, competent leader. He was well-known and well-liked at the Ohio Statehouse, where he used his strong relationships with policymakers to support meaningful decisions on behalf of those served by county boards of DD. A visionary leader, he was instrumental in establishing the first Council of Government (COG) in Ohio's county board of DD system—the Mid-East Ohio Regional Council of Government (MEORC)—which has since been replicated in all corners of the state.  The award is presented as a testament to his legacy and in memory of his leadership following his passing.


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2021 Award Winner

John Trunk
Summit County

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Past Award Winners:

2019 - Lori Chick, Executive Director, North East Ohio Network (NEON)

2018 - Steve Williams, Superintendent, Belmont Harrison Noble Alliance

2017 - Jed Morison, Superintendent, Franklin County Board of DD

2016 - Kellie Brown, Superintendent, Guernsey County Board of DD

2015 - Nancy Neely, Superintendent, Licking County Board of DD

2014 - Rick Marriott, Superintendent, Ross County Board of DD

2013 - Mark Gerhardstein, Superintendent, Montgomery County Board of DD

2012 - Timothy Spitzer, Executive Director, Mid East Ohio Regional Council of Governments (MEORC)

2011 - Mary Ann Chamberlain, Superintendent, Morgan County Board of DD

2010 - Robert Morgan, Superintendent, Delaware County Board of DD 

2009 - Monty Kerr, Superintendent, Belmont, Harrison and Noble County Board of DD 

2008 - Cherl Phipps, Superintendent, Hamilton County Board of DD 

2007 - Rick Pfannenschmidt, Superintendent, Jefferson County Board of DD

2006 - H. Michael Miller, Superintendent, Richland County Board of DD

2005 - Lee Wedemeyer, Superintendent, Marion County Board of DD

2004 - Sarah Winters, Superintendent, Perry County Board of DD

2003 - Fred Valerius, Superintendent, Butler County Board of DD

2002 - Mike Donzella, Superintendent, Cuyahoga County Board of DD

2001 - Charles H. Arndt, Executive Director, OACB

2000 - Stephen Pleasnick, Superintendent, Franklin County Board of DD