Partners in Excellence Award

Commissioned in 2006, this Annual Award is presented to a County Board of Developmental Disabilities or other Developmental Disabilities System Stakeholder Staff Member who exemplifies service in offering his or her expertise to a workgroup or specific project that benefits the DD system as a whole. The award is presented to deserving individual(s) as determined by OACB and are recognized either at the Annual Convention, or at a local Board meeting of the recipient.

For 2021, in recognition of the hundreds of hours of volunteer leadership they provided during the pandemic, OACB is presented Partners in Excellence Awards to each of the superintendent association officers and regional representatives.

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2021 Award Winners

Brian Green, Superintendent, Miami DD
Ed Stark;Superintendent, Trumbull DD

Leia Snyder, Superintendent, Hamilton DD
Bill Whitacre, Superintendent, Mahoning DD
Wendy Gorrell, Superintendent, Morgan DD
Sarah Zimmerman, Superintendent, Sandusky DD
Kristine Hodge, Superintendent, Delaware DD
Dan Ottke, Superintendent, Clermont DD
Julie Monroe, Superintendent, Lawrence DD
Stacey Maleckar, Superintendent, Medina DD

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Past Award Winners:

Jennifer Meadows, Hamilton DD

Amber Gibbs, Cuyahoga DD
Karin Crabbe, Franklin DD
Latrice Smith, Hamilton DD
Jodi Travers, Lake DD

Nancy Richards, Executive Director, Clearwater Council of Governments
James Steele, Executive Director, Ohio Valley Residential Services
Kate Haller, Deputy Director, DODD

Carrie Beier, Superintendent, Erie County Board of DD
Koinonia Homes
Ravi Shankar, Business Manager, Clark County Board of DD

Lisa Guliano, Superintendent, Butler County Board of DD
Steve McPeake, President and CEO, North Coast Community Homes
David Visocky, Chief Financial Officer, Cuyahoga County Board of DD

Rick Black, CFO, Butler County Board of DD
Laura Zureich, Superintendent, Champaign and Shelby County Boards of DD

Chuck Frobose, Superintendent, Crawford County Board of DD
Bethany Schultz, Director of Community Living Services, Clark County Board of DD
Clay Weidner, Fiscal Administration, Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities

Kellie Brown, Superintendent, Guernsey County Board of DD
Mary Jo Allen, Residential Services Coordinator, Cuyahoga County Board of DD

Stephanie Griffiths, Director of Service and Support Administration, Richland County Board of DD (Richland Newhope)
Patrick Rafter, President and CEO, Creative Housing, Inc.

Bill Angel, Director of Investigative Services, Montgomery County Board of DD 
Bob Beavis, Human Resources Director, Miami County Board of DD

Michael Boaz, Business Manager, Putnam/Van Wert County Board of DD 
Willie Jones, Operations Manager, Belmont County Board of DD
Melanie Stretchbery, Superintendent, Wood County Board of DD

Dick Williams, Business Manager, Seneca County Board of DD;
Dee Dee Kabbes, Superintendent, Champaign County Board of DD;
Scott Erenpriess, Financial Services Manager, Franklin County Board of DD

Beverly Smith, Director of Childrens' Services, Hamilton County Board of DD;
Jennifer Rousculp, Director, Southern Ohio Council of Governments (SOCOG);
John Parkowski, Medicaid Services Manager, Cuyahoga County Board of DD;
Jeannie Stahl, SSA Director, Allen County Board of DD

Gary Smith, Business Manager, Licking County Board of DD;
Larry Macintosh, Director of Administrative Support Services, Franklin County Board of DD