Betty Macintosh Award

The Board of Trustees of the Ohio Association of County Boards commissioned an Annual Award in memory of Betty Macintosh, to be presented annually to a professional in the DD service delivery system who exhibits extraordinary accomplishments in professional leadership and advocacy for individuals with developmental disabilities.

About Betty Macintosh
Described by her colleagues and leaders within Ohio's developmental disability service delivery system as a "visionary agent of change," Betty Macintosh was known as a tireless advocate for the children and families served by Ohio's County Boards of DD. She was a "guru" of early childhood and infant services, putting in place many programs and supporting many decisions that have survived the test of time.  A longtime employee at the Ohio Department of DD (then known as MRDD), Betty served under three governors and four directors. Throughout this time, she never strayed from her core beliefs, and passionately advocated for policy decisions that would offer a chance for a better life for people with developmental disabilities.  Her dedication and vision for the future were what prompted OACB to name this award in her honor following her passing in 1997 to remind successive generations of leaders of what they should strive to accomplish with their work.

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2017 Award Winner


Steve Oster
Coshocton and Knox County Boards of DD



Past Award Winners:

2016 - Melanie Stretchbery, Superintendent (Retired), Wood County Board of DD

2015 - Esther Baldridge, Superintendent, Allen County Board of DD

2014 - Sharon Woodrow, Superintendent, Clermont County Board of DD

2013 - Kim Linkinhoker, Associate Director, Ohio Association of County Boards of DD

2012 - Deb Yenrick, Superintendent, Sandusky County Board of DD

2011 - Alvin "Al" Willis, Superintendent, Auglaize County Board of DD

2010 - John Martin, Director, Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities  

2009 - Jim Canney, Superintendent, Madison County Board of DD 

2008 - Rick Marriott, Superintendent, Ross County Board of DD 

2007 - Jim Frederick, Superintendent, Ottawa County Board of DD

2006 - Dana Charlton, Ohio Department of DD

2005 - Dee Zeffiro-Krenisky, Superintendent, Huron County Board of DD

2004 - Randy Beach, Superintendent, Pickaway County Board of DD

2003 - Michael Stoner, Superintendent, Hancock County Board of DD

2002 - Robin Cooper, Director of Technical Assistance, National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services 

2001 - Jacqui Romer-Sensky, Director, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services 

2000 - Tom Kidd, Superintendent, Hamilton County Board of DD

1999 - Fred DeCrescentis, Superintendent, Lucas County Board of DD

1998 - Jerome Manuel, Director, Ohio Department of Developmental Disabiliites (then known as MR/DD)