OACB provides members with a wealth of useful information on a wide variety of topics affecting the operations of county boards. The majority of this information is delivered via email through one of the association’s several e-publications, which include the Insider, PolicyBrief, SSA Today, and the Well-Being Connector. To learn more about OACB's publications, click here.

Media Relations
Now more than ever, county boards must maintain positive working relationships with reporters and other media professionals in order to build awareness of the many services and supports offered in their communities. OACB staff members are available to help make connections, offer strategic guidance, and pitch stories to local newspapers, radio stations, and TV broadcasters to help members tell the public about their mission.

Crisis Communications
As human services agencies, county boards are more likely than other government agencies to find themselves in the harsh spotlight when people they support, board employees, or others who are publicly associated with the board are involved in a crisis. When reporters, elected officials, and family members are demanding answers, inboxes are overflowing, and the phone won’t stop ringing, OACB can help make sense of the chaos by offering fast, meaningful, strategic support at every stage of a crisis situation.  Our goal is to help county boards ensure information can flow as quickly, accurately, and effectively as possible to all of their important stakeholder audiences when it matters most.

Marketing, Awareness, and Education
Since county boards have continued their gradual evolution away from being direct service providers, OACB has offered a growing variety of tools, skills, and strategies to help county boards ensure that the people they serve, the partners they work with, and the community members they depend on know that the board will always be there to fulfill their mission and support people with developmental disabilities.

For more information about OACB's communications efforts, or to request technical assistance, contact Lora Morrison at or (614) 431-0616.