OACB Board Member Reference Manual - 2021 Edition

OACB is proud to offer a comprehensive manual pertaining to issues of importance to the seven governing board members and senior management staff at county boards across the state. Updated annually, OACB's Board Member Reference Manual is a go-to resource for county board members seeking basic information about a wide variety of topics in Ohio's developmental disability service delivery system. The manual contains the following sections for board members' use:

Click the image to download the complete Board Member Reference Manual (MemberConnect login required)

A PDF copy of the Board Member Reference Manual can be downloaded via the Document Center of OACB MemberConnect – to download a PDF of the complete manual, click here (download will start immediately upon log-in). Individual sections of the Board Member Reference Manual may also be downloaded within the Board Members tab of the MemberConnect Document Center or by clicking on the links above.

Reference manual access is reserved for board members, superintendents, and superintendents' assistants only.


New to the 2021 Edition:

  • Section 1 » Introduction
    Page 1-6: Updated settlement information on Disability Rights Ohio and Ball v. Kasich.
  • Section 2 » OACB Member Services
    Page 2-5: Updates to OACB's list of current e-publications.
    Page 2-7 to 2-8: Updated language regarding DD systems change OACB's technical assistance resources.
  • Section 3 » Supporting People with Developmental Disabilities
    Page 3-15: Updates to figures for the Ohio Abuser Registry and additional background on abuse and neglect.
    Page 3-16: New introduction to Trauma-Informed Care (TIC). NEW CONTENT
  • Section 4 » Board Governance
    Page 4-4: Additional information on remote meeting allowances and grounds for the removal of members.
    Page 4-5: Clarification on board member orientation trainings and in-service requirements.
    Page 4-21: Technical clarifications regarding ethics councils' outside employment review.
    Page 4-22: Additional language on ethics council meeting requirements and an update on a 2020 Ohio Attorney General's decision regarding outside employment review responsibilities.
  • Section 5 » Partners and Stakeholders
    No updates.
  • Section 6 » County Board Finances
    No updates.
  • Section 7 » Employment Powers of County Boards
    No updates.
  • Section 8 » Resources and Reference Information
    Page 8-4: Clarifications on ethics council requirements under Ohio law.