Board of Trustees

Executive Committee
Board President -Nestor Melnyk (Hamilton County)**
Vice President - Mike Thompson (Ross County)**
Treasurer - Steven Licciardi (Cuyahoga County)*
Secretary - Melinda Yerian (Guernsey County)*

Board Member Trustees
Trustee - Karen Adams (Highland County)**
- Louis Borowicz (Delaware County)**
Trustee - David Dohnal (Summit County)*
Trustee - Dean Fadel (Franklin County)*
Trustee - Carlene Greene (Gallia County)*
Trustee - Anna Khouri (Lucas County)*
Trustee - Linda Lehman (Allen County)*
Trustee - Steven Licciardi (Cuyahoga County)*
Trustee - Shikara Robbins (Coshocton County)**
Trustee - Stephen Swank (Richland County)**
Trustee - Melinda Yerian (Guernsey County)**

Superintendent Trustees
OSCB President - Jenny Rousculp-Miller (Clark County)*
OSCB Vice President - John Trunk (Summit County)*
Region 1 Representative - Carrie Beier (Erie County)*
Region 3 Representative - Kyle Lewis (Clinton County)*
Region 4 Representative - Lena Bradford (Brown County)*
Region 5 Representative - Steve Williams (Belmont, Harrison, and Noble Counties)*

* Denotes term ends 12/31/2018
** Denotes term ends 12/31/2019

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