Five-Star Customer Experience Award

Commissioned by OACB in 2019, the Five-Star Customer Experience Award recognizes a county board of DD employee who, over the previous year, has routinely demonstrated their willingness and ability to go above and beyond in supporting people served by their county board of DD. Candidates for consideration would include those county board employees who regularly show extraordinary commitment to the people they serve by:

  • Showing compassion and empathy when working with people served by their county board, being mindful of how their attitudes and actions could be perceived;
  • Placing the needs and expectations of the people they serve as their number one priority;
  • Exhibiting creativity or resourcefulness in assisting people served by the board, often above and beyond what is typically expected of employees in their positions;
  • Taking pride in ownership of the day-to-day processes for which they are responsible and showing exceptional initiative where necessary to help a person served achieve their goals;
  • Fostering teamwork through open communication with and encouragement of colleagues, giving the the organization as a whole more chances to deliver excellent experiences for people and families served.
Nominees must be employed by a county board of DD to be considered. All county board employees across the State of Ohio are eligible to receive this award.

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2021 Award Winner

Emily Martinez
SSA Director
Mahoning DD

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Past Award Winners

2019 - Lori Wells, EI Team Leader, Belmont DD