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Our Mission

To support County Boards of Developmental Disabilities in providing services and supports to people with developmental disabilities.

Our Address

73 East Wilson Bridge Rd
Suite B1
Worthington, Ohio 43085



OACB InsiderThe OACB Insider is a periodic e-mail digest of news articles and clips from television, radio, and magazines/newspapers that discuss recent developments at county boards of DD in Ohio.  Established in 2011, the Insider is distributed on an "as-needed" basis to an audience that includes: board members and staff of county boards of DD, system stakeholders, government officials, reporters, and members of the general public.  Anyone can receive a subscription to the OACB Insider by clicking this link.

OACB PolicyBrief

The OACB PolicyBrief is a members-only e-mail publication that contains proprietary policy analysis and other similar documents written by OACB staff.  Established in 2012, PolicyBrief also contains links to key policy documents from state and federal government agencies, reports from disability think tanks and health policy foundations, and selected news articles that discuss the impact of policy decisions on the DD system.  It is distributed to an audience of board members, superintendents, business managers, and SSA directors of county boards of DD as well as all OACB Affiliate Members.  Members can request a subscription to the OACB PolicyBrief by contacting Erich Hiner at


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