Media Inquiries

The Ohio Association of County Boards of Developmental Disabilities frequently provides information to journalists about the following topics (please note that this is not an exhaustive list):

  • County board of DD organizational structure and operations;
  • County board of DD services and supports offered;
  • State and/or federal laws pertaining to the delivery of services and supports in Ohio;
  • Industry trends and common practices in the developmental disabilities service delivery field in Ohio;
  • Situations affecting people with developmental disabilities who could possibly be served by a county board of DD; and
  • Campaign levy issues, among others.

If OACB is not immediately able to answer a media inquiry for any reason, we will work to connect reporters with appropriate subject matter experts within the shortest amount of time under given circumstances.

To make a media inquiry at OACB, please contact:

Adam Herman
Chief Operating Officer
Phone: (614) 431-0616, Option 2