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Updated July 5, 2017

On June 28, 2017, the Ohio General Assembly voted to approve its final version of Amended Substitute House Bill 49, the state’s two-year budget bill. The version approved by the legislature comes after a week’s worth of hearings by a conference committee formed to hash out differences between the House and Senate versions of the legislation.

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities has been allotted approximately $64 million to pursue priorities such as new DD waivers, a DSP wage increase, and other items. A comprehensive analysis of the department's budget will be included in OACB's detailed budget analysis in mid-July.

As of Friday, June 30, Governor Kasich has issued several dozen vetoes in response to the legislature's final version of the budget. We will update this section when the legislature reconvenes (as early as July 6, 2017) to consider overriding the governor's vetoes.




FY 2018-19 State Budget: OACB Priorities

The table below offers a brief overview of the current status of OACB’s budget priorities as reflected in the final version of Am. Sub. H.B. 49. These priorities were approved by the OACB Board of Trustees (in consultation with the Policy Committee) in March of this year. These priorities were updated as the budget process evolved in consultation with trustees and committee members.

Several of the DODD-related priorities below marked as “Work in Progress” are not directly specified in the state budget. However, OACB advocacy will continue in the coming weeks and months to ensure that the county boards objectives articulated below are met. The OACB Board of Trustees and Policy Committee will issue direction on further advocacy efforts as necessary.

OACB Priority




Next Steps/Additional Information

Reform Waiver Waiting List Statute




The Waiting List Workgroup will establish a new structure for managing the waiting list via administrative rule before the end of the year. For additional information about the status of this workgroup, contact Lori Stanfa (

Address County Board Concerns with Help Me Grow Program and Central Intake Process RFP




OACB will send a separate communication to county boards outlining the implication of these changes for local programs at a later date and continue to monitor these changes to ensure they are implemented properly.

Create Workgroup to Recommend Measures for County Boards to Ensure Quality Services from Providers




A workgroup must be empaneled within 30 days of the bill’s passage and is required to report back to the legislature on its findings within one year.

Additional State-Funded Waivers




It is not clear how many new state-funded waivers will be created until DODD has had a chance to review their entire budget and make decisions accordingly. OACB is regularly engaging with DODD leadership about this issue and will report to members when a final decision is reached.

Secure Additional Funds for Direct Support Professional (DSP) Wage Increase


Work in Progress


OACB is regularly engaging with DODD leadership about this issue and will report to members when a final decision is reached.

Increase Provider Rates for Serving People with Complex Care Needs


Work in Progress


OACB is regularly engaging with DODD leadership about this issue and will report to members when a final decision is reached.

Codifying Tax-Exempt Status of Non-Profit Housing Corporation Properties


Work in Progress


OACB will meet with housing stakeholders and will pursue a legislative fix through an amendment to a different bill or a stand-alone piece of legislation.

Restore Senate Cuts to County Board Case Management Line Item for Transitions DD (TDD) Waiver


Did Not Achieve


OACB continues to analyze the impact that these cuts will have to county boards. It is expected that these funding reductions will be taken into consideration as DODD determines how it will spend its discretionary dollars in the coming biennium.

OACB Budget Analysis Forthcoming

The above-listed priorities are only intended to offer highlights of the many issues in the budget that affect county boards and the people they serve. OACB will release its full budget analysis containing a complete rundown of all DD-related appropriations and policy provisions by mid-July 2017. During the interim, members with policy questions should feel free to contact Joe Russell ( at 614-431-0616 ext. 7986 for more information.



Additional State Legislation Under Review

OACB is actively monitoring several pieces of legislation that could affect county boards of developmental disabilities and the people with developmental disabilities they serve.  Where necessary, OACB is engaging directly with lawmakers and their legislative staff in order to ensure the voice of county boards is heard.  For a complete list of bills currently on OACB's radar, please contact Joe Russell at or 614-431-0616 ext. 7986.


Administrative Rules

OACB staff members regularly participate in the creation and review of rules contained within the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) proposed by various state agencies, including: Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, Ohio Department of Medicaid, Ohio Department of Education, and Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD), among others.  In addition, OACB frequently empanels rule review workgroups so subject matter experts from county boards of DD have an opportunity to participate in the rule review process.  For a complete list of rules upon which OACB is actively engaged, please contact Joe Russell at or 614-431-0616 ext. 7986.

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