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Our Mission

To support County Boards of Developmental Disabilities in providing services and supports to people with developmental disabilities.

Our Address

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State Advocacy

Ohio Statehouse
Above: The Ohio Statehouse / Photo: File Image

2018-19 State Budget Process

State government officials are already hard at work preparing for Ohio's next two-year budget process.  Formal hearings will begin in the Ohio General Assembly in February 2017. 

The Policy Committee of the OACB Board of Trustees is currently evaluating several issues that are likely to be of importance to county boards of developmental disabilities in the coming biennium.  In the coming months, the committee will propose a number of advocacy objectives to help ensure the interests of county boards and the people they serve are supported in the final version passed by the legislature next year.

When the Policy Committee has adopted OACB's 2017 Advocacy Agenda, it will be posted on this page.  During the interim, please contact Joe Russell, Policy and Advocacy Director, for more information – he can be reached at or 614-431-0616 ext. 7986.


Current State Legislation

OACB is actively monitoring several pieces of legislation that could affect county boards of developmental disabilities and the people with developmental disabilities they serve.  Where necessary, OACB is engaging directly with lawmakers and their legislative staff in order to ensure the voice of county boards is heard.  For a complete list of bills currently on OACB's radar, please contact Joe Russell at or 614-431-0616 ext. 7986.


Administrative Rules

OACB staff members regularly participate in the creation and review of rules contained within the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) proposed by various state agencies, including: Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, Ohio Department of Medicaid, Ohio Department of Education, and Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD), among others.  In addition, OACB frequently empanels rule review workgroups so subject matter experts from county boards of DD have an opportunity to participate in the rule review process.  For a complete list of rules upon which OACB is actively engaged, please contact Joe Russell at or 614-431-0616 ext. 7986.

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