Positive Culture

What is the Positive Culture Initiative?
A statewide initiative launched by Ohio Department of DD,  Director Martin and supported by OACB
  • To bring about lasting change within our system;
  • To emphasize the true work of care giving;
  • To begin new conversations about what people with developmental disabilities want and need from us.
PCI - Past & Present
  • Past-Initially the focus was to develop a positive intervention culture in the State of Ohio that would result in the elimination of the use of unnecessary aversive interventions in the delivery of services to all Ohioans with developmental disabilities.
  • Present- The focus has expanded and moved beyond positive interventions to conversations about building collaboration within the DD system to create healthy relationships among and within organizations with the goal of improving the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities
Positive Culture-Why?
  • To positively impact the quality of life for people served by the DD service delivery system
  • To make a difference in our professional & care giving relationships
  • To make a difference in our profession without additional rules, regulations and funding
PCI - Who can benefit
  • People served by DD system
  • People employed by DD system
  • The developmental disabilities profession
Positive Culture - Key Points for all levels of PCI
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Striving to bring out the best in each other
  • Acknowledging the goodness in others
  • Actively supporting others to be successful
Positive Culture - Beliefs
  • Our actions & thoughts must be intentional
  • There is no place in our profession for the use of power, control or coercion
  • The focus is on possibilities & quality of life
Positive Culture - Practices in a Healthy Organization
  • Intentional focus on creating healthy relationships
  • Intentional conversations focused on what is possible
  • Intentional conversations focused on quality of life
Positive Culture - Actions in a Healthy Organization
  • We support one another to be more humane in our work
  • We support & encourage a spirit of gentleness in our work and daily interactions
  • We focus our conversations on possibilities  & quality of life
What is a Positive Culture for People served by the DD system
An intentional way of supporting people that focuses on:
  • Truly knowing and valuing the person;
  • Creating healthy relationships;
  • Acknowledging the difficulties they face;
  • Offering encouragement and support;
  • Providing safe interactions during times of crisis.

How Can We Make A Difference
  • Focus on developing strong self-advocates
  • Having frequent possibility conversations
  • Always focusing on success
  • A  never wavering disciplined focus on quality of life including conversations & actions
What Can You Do to Support a Positive Culture in our Work?
  • Choose to accept the challenge to think about our work within the context of a Positive Culture.
  • Begin to self-assess your current culture and focus on what is possible
  • Engage in honest & challenging conversations about why negative interactions occur and how shifting our beliefs about people and organizations can create new approaches and build better relationships
What Can You Do to Support a Positive Culture in our Work?
Contact OACB to access Tools, Training and Technical Assistance
As a result of using the Tools, Training & Technical Assistance of OACB  we hope to  inspire-challenge-nourish your organization and employees.