Track Selection Guide

On December 4-6, hundreds of developmental disability support professionals will meet in Columbus for two and a half days of learning and professional development. Several tracks will be offered on the first and second days of the event. Friday will feature a General Session and will not include breakout tracks.

To help guests decide which tracks are right for them, OACB has created the following quick-reference guide. More information will be added closer to the event. Detailed session information will be posted in MemberConnect.

Please note this is a general guide based on areas of professional focus. All Conference guests are welcome to attend any session in any track.

Day 1: Wednesday, December 4

Board Leadership
Learn about board leadership standards and governance procedures. Build skills that help you become a better board member or strengthen your relationship with and understanding of your board.

Who Should Attend: Board members, superintendents, and board staff who interact with board members.

Customer Experience
Learn about the basics of Customer Experience (CX) and its applicability to the mission and operations of county boards of DD. Hear from practicing Customer Experience professionals and learn ways of operationalizing CX at your organization.

Who Should Attend: Board members, superintendents, and department leaders.

See the latest statewide efforts on employment supports for people served by county boards and hear from boards of DD and providers who are finding creative, cutting-edge ways of supporting people in the community. This track also includes overviews of recent regulatory developments.

Who Should Attend: Superintendents, employment support staff, community connections staffers, SSAs and SSA supervisors, administrators and department heads, MUI and compliance staff.

Human Resources/Personnel
This track will help attendees learn best human resources practices for county boards of DD and get tips on staff recruitment, management, and retention. 

Who Should Attend: Personnel/HR directors, business managers, business/HR support staff, and superintendents.

Information Technology
Hear about the latest developments in the IT sector and how they are likely to impact the operations and security of county board systems. Learn about statewide changes that will impact boards on a regular basis.

Who Should Attend: IT director, system administrators, department heads, and superintendents.

School Age
Learn about the latest in curriculum development, transition-age programs, preschool operations and more from leading school age experts in the field. 

Who Should Attend: County board school age program staff, children services staff, and superintendents.

Day 2: Thursday, December 5

Business Management
This track will help attendees learn best financial practices for county boards of DD and get tips on long-term spending/earning projections and planning. 

Who Should Attend: Business managers, personnel/HR directors, business/HR support staff, and superintendents.

Early Intervention
Get the latest on initiatives to support families of children from birth to age 3 and learn about developments and best practices in service coordination, intervention strategies, and family resiliency/well-being.

Who Should Attend: Superintendents; EI supervisors, specialists, and service coordinators; and therapists working with families, infants, and toddlers.

Public Relations
Hone your communications skills and learn to strategically develop and deploy communications strategies and assets to inform your audiences and build local relationships with the public and members of the media. 

Who Should Attend: County board communications staff as well as superintendents, managers, or board members who regularly interact with the public or members of the media.

Good Life/Safety and Wellness
Learn about and put into practice core principles to help boards create and reinforce positive, supportive workplace cultures that result in exceptional service.

Who Should Attend: Good Life facilitators, MUI contacts, investigators, superintendents, board members, and any board employees who interact with people or families served by the board.

Hear the latest on statewide initiatives and updates on changes to SSA rules and requirements that will affect day-to-day operations and the tasks of frontline service coordination staff.

Who Should Attend: SSAs, SSA Managers and Directors, and superintendents.