Willie Jones

Director of Health, Safety, and Wellness

Willie Jones oversees all of OACB's safety and investigative incident trainings as the director of health, safety, and wellness. Jones joined OACB on a full-time basis beginning April 1, 2010. Prior to joining the association, Jones worked for the Belmont County Board of DD for six years as director of operations. For several years, Jones also oversaw the development, growth, and implementation of the Good Life Network, OACB's positive culture training program that has helped hundreds of DD professionals promote positive interactions in the workplace.

Prior to his time at Belmont DD, Willie spent 24 years working in the DD field with private providers and owned and operated a training/consulting business serving county boards of DD and service providers along with his wife. Jones' specialty has been training related to the DD field in conflict/crisis resolution and developing positive plans/supports. He has provided conflict resolution training in eight states and 34 Ohio counties. Jones brings a diverse background as a licensed social worker and insurance agent. 

Jones has served on the boards for PAR and the Ohio Self-Determination Association (OSDA). In 2008, he received the ESDY award from OSDA; and, in 2009, the Partners In Excellence award from OACB.

Contact Willie Jones
Mobile: (740) 310-2651
Email: wjones@oacbdd.org

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