Susan Jones

Children and Families Consultant

Susan Jones began her relationship with OACB January of 2012 as the project manager and consultant for the OACB sponsored Ohio DD Council Grant: Ohio Statewide System of Services for Early Intervention. In June 2014, she also entered into a contract with OACB to provide support for CB membership in their work with children and families.

Jones has dedicated her life’s work in support of people challenged by developmental disabilities. After graduating from Bowling Green State University with a B.S. in Education; Speech, Language and Audiology, she began her career as a Language Development Specialist at the Logan County Board of DD.  As the program evolved, she moved into administration and earned her master’s in education administration from the University of Dayton. When she retired from Logan DD in 2011, her assignment was assistant superintendent, responsible for all programs from birth through adult services. She is a licensed speech language pathologist. She has served as the President of OASC and has been a leader in local, regional, and state-level initiatives on behalf of children and families. 

Jones is one of a consulting team of three that includes Bev Smith and Beth Popich, both of whom also under contract with OACB for the DD Council Grant and county board support for children and families. This support will include representation on OASC and other state level committees, consulting with counties as needed and coordination of networking and training initiatives.

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Office: (614) 431-0616

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