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Letter to the Editor: Vote yes on Issue 2

By Tom Church, Ashtabula Star Beacon
Published Saturday, October 20, 2018

I’m Tom Church, former Ashtabula County resident and 1998 graduate of Conneaut High School. Currently, I am head men’s basketball coach at Tiffin University. Our family has always been huge sports fans, especially my aunt, Terri Church. She loves following all the Cleveland sports teams and has also participated in Special Olympics bowling and swimming. The only thing she loves more than sports is going to work every day at Ash/Craft Industries.

She loves earning her paycheck, working in the workshop and Ash/Craft Garden Shoppe and seeing her friends and co-workers every day. Like all of us her job is very important to her.

In addition to working in the workshop, she also receives Medicaid waiver services. The Medicaid waiver helps provide staff from Progressive Alternatives to take her into the community to go shopping, attend church and most important, get her to high school sporting events to cheer on all of her nieces and nephews!

The Ashtabula County Board of Developmental Disabilities provides vocational services to over 200 individuals at Ash/Craft and those that work in the community.

I’m asking all my friends and family in Ashtabula County to vote yes on Issue 2, a renewal not a new tax, on Nov. 6 to keep my Aunt Terri and all her friends at Ash/Craft Industries earning a paycheck and being active members within their community.

Tom Church


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