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Athens County echoes state results on Issues 1-2, OKs local issues

By David DeWitt, Athens News
Published Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Athens County voters joined the rest of the state of Ohio in voting in favor of State Issue 1, a victim’s rights proposal, and rejecting State Issue 2, the so-called Ohio Drug Price Relief Act.

In both cases, the winning vote (yes for Issue 1, no for Issue 2) was overwhelming.

Meanwhile, every countywide levy proposed in Athens County passed, as did every other levy and issue proposed in the various political subdivisions of Athens County with the exception of 1) a proposed Alexander Local School District earned-income tax and 2) electricity aggregation in the village of Coolville.

State Issue 1, also known as Marsy’s Law, passed in Ohio with 82.59 percent, or 1,895,540 votes, according to the Ohio Secretary of State, and 17.41 percent, or 399,696 votes, against. It passed in Athens County with 71.94 percent support, or 8,151 votes in favor, and 28.06 percent, or 3,180 votes against.

State Issue 2, which sought to require Ohio agencies to not pay more for prescription drugs than the federal Department of Veterans Affairs, was rejected by voters statewide with 79.28 percent, or 1,816,074 voting against, and 20.72 percent, or 474,741 voting in favor. In Athens County, the issue was rejected by 69.19 percent, or 7,770 voters, compared to 30.81 percent, or 3,460 votes, in favor.

Voters passed every countywide levy proposal, including for the 317 Board, the Athens County Board of Developmental Disabilities and Athens County EMS.

In Athens County, the Athens-Hocking-Vinton Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Services District (317 Board) had its 1-mill, 10-year levy pass with 70.5 percent support, or 8,030 votes, and 28.87 percent, or 3,360 votes, against. The levy also passed in Hocking County with 64.48 percent, or 3,723 votes, in favor, and 35.52 percent, or 2,051 votes, against. It passed in Vinton County with 51 percent, or 1,380 in favor, and 49 percent, or 1,326 votes, against. With the levy gaining a majority of votes in all three counties, it passed overall with 13,133 in favor and 6,737 against.

The ACBDD renewal of a 1.8 mill levy for eight years was passed by Athens County voters with 71.17 percent support, or 8,113 votes, and 28.87 percent against, or 3,293 votes.

The Athens County EMS renewal of a 1-mill levy for five years was passed with 77.17 percent support, or 8,618 votes, and 22.83 percent opposition, or 2,549 votes.

In other areas of the county, Nelsonville voters passed a parks and recreation levy with 55.72 percent of the vote; Amesville passed current expenses and police levies with 88 percent and 84 percent support respectively; the village of Chancey passed electricity aggregation with 65.6 percent support, while the village of Coolville rejected it with 50.68 percent against.

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