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Letter: Vote to renew the levy

By Beth Donaldson, Advertiser-Tribune
Published Wednesday, April 19, 2017

This community has always supported the Seneca County Opportunity Center and I’m asking community members to continue to do so.

My daughter has special needs. She has been given every opportunity to be educated to the best of her abilities, been encouraged to socially interact with her peers and within the community, to develop her self-assurance and sense of independence, encouraged to work with others, maintain her physical function and help others.

There is a domino effect from the services the Seneca County Opportunity Center provides. Because she has received these services, family members have been able to join the work force, pursue purposeful careers and pay taxes.

If a developmentally disabled individual resides in Seneca County, the Seneca County Opportunity Center must fund all choices for services and contract for services from other providers such as ECI, Flat Rock, REM, etc. It is vital the center continue to provide services to people with developmental disabilities. The Seneca County Opportunity Center will remain a choice for workshop/day services.

They are not asking for additional money. They are asking for a renewal. The Seneca County Opportunity Center needs your support.

Help support the Seneca County Opportunity Center levy. Please vote for the renewal levy.

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