Join us for a madcap evening of off-the-wall PowerPoints!


Week 3: Get to the Point
Thursday, December 10, 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. via Zoom

About The Event
Get to the Point is a madcap take on stale PowerPoint presentations! Based on Columbus' own Drunk Powerpoint, an open-mic-style revue of hilarious and informative slideshows, Get to the Point will bring together some of the event's best regulars and their unexpected presentations for an evening of weird (and informative) fun. Convention participants will be invited to kick back at the conclusion of the Convention's final week and learn from our presenters on topics ranging from urban food foraging to Scandinavian heavy metal. Scroll down to meet our presenters and see the topics on deck!


Meet Our Emcee
Ryan Branch is host of Drunk PowerPoint and a regular Columbus voice-about-town. In his off-time, he can be found promoting the Cleveland Owlbears as a replacement for Cleveland's current baseball branding and commentating on Super Nintendo sports games on Twitch.


Meet Our Presenters

Presenter: Alexis Nelson
Ohio is Full of Free Food, Dummies!
A lover of food and plants, Alexis Nelson is a social media manager, urban forager, and TikTok creator: the perfect trifecta of jobs that her Baby Boomer parents will never understand. In her TikTok videos, she demonstrates urban foraging techniques and know-how that turn everyday weeds and plants into Instagram-worthy dishes.

Presenter: James TW
Mayhem—The Bizarre True Story of the Norwegian Black Metal Scene
The most famous YouTuber in the world, PewDiePie, says that James created "the best website on the internet." TMZ calls him a "zamboni hijacker." But of all his accomplishments, James is most proud of the entertainment and education he delivers through his riveting PowerPoint presentations.

Presenter: Kamal E. Kimball
William S. Burroughs, Magic Man of the Beat Generation
Kamal E. Kimball is a poet, teacher, and graduate student at OSU. In her spare time, she pretends to read long novels and watches her neighbors go about their lives a la "Rear Window." Kamal will dive into the weird life of poet William S. Burroughs, who (among other things) once attempted to curse a cafe that served him bad cheesecake.

Presenter: Bianca Moore
How "The Sims" Changed My Life: Simulated Encounters, Real Consequences
Bianca Moore is a Columbus comedian and performer whose presentations focus on tearing into the delicate social fabric holding us all together. In this presentation, she'll delve into the memorable and sometimes deeply weird lessons that tiny people who live in a video game can teach us.


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