Lana Beddoes

Executive Assistant

Lana BeddoesLana Beddoes joined the Ohio Association of County Boards Serving People with Developmental Disabilities in February 2006 in an administrative support position. In September 2007, she was promoted to her current role as Assistant to the Executive Director. Prior to joining OACB, Beddoes spent seven years at Cigna Healthcare. While employed with Cigna, she was a member of the Benefits Integrity Team, specializing in Corporate Policy Building.

Beddoes handles the Executive Director's scheduling and assists with preparing Board Training materials and Superintendent Search activities. She is responsible for the editing, publication and distribution of all OACB NewsAlerts and Legal Alerts as well as National Perspectives, published monthly. Beddoes also provides administrative support for the Ohio Association of Services for Children and is responsible for the coordination of OACB's building renovation project. She became a Notary Public for the State of Ohio in May 2009.

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