Gina Weisshaar

Services Initiatives Assistant - Bridges to Transition

Gina Weisshaar joined OACB fulltime as a support specialist for the Bridges to Transition program on February 1, 2013, after almost three months as a contractor. She is new to the vocational rehab and developmental disability fields, and brings with her a fresh set of eyes, plenty of questions, and a varied professional and educational background. Gina has provided support services and project management in family-owned business settings as well as corporate environments, including a career with CompuServe/WorldCom adding value to support teams serving sales, billing, and customer service departments in both B2C and B2B areas of the company. Throughout her work experience, Gina has been called to serve as an unofficial conciliator and mediator, successfully liaising between sometimes incompatible coworkers, teams, and departments. This trend led to her eventual pursuit of a new career as a conflict-resolution professional.

Gina went back to school in 2001 to finish her formal education, earning a bachelor’s degree in Human Development and a master’s in Conflict Resolution, both from Antioch University Midwest in Yellow Springs, Ohio. She continues her professional education through trainings in many facets of mediation and other conflict work. Most recently, Gina contracted with Project KEY as a truancy-prevention mediator in Columbus City Schools for several years. She is also nearing the end of her second term as executive board member and Secretary for the Ohio Mediation Association. In addition to providing ongoing database maintenance and technical support to members, she played an integral part in the development of OMA’s new website, managing the migration of email, web content, and membership database.

For the past seven years, Gina has kept her listening, teamwork, and problem-solving skills fresh by performing improvisational comedy as an active collaborator in Columbus’ improv community and a founding member of two popular troupes. Her involvement in theater has also extended to directing, stage managing, and acting in various local comedic and dramatic productions.

Gina is a proud aunt, sister, daughter, and wife. She feels fortunate to journey through life with her loving husband, Mike, and mischievous cat, Sonic. The three of them reside in the Columbus neighborhood of Clintonville.