Adam Herman

Communications Director

Adam Herman
Adam Herman serves as the association's communications director, where he advises county board members and staff on media relations, organizational communications, marketing, branding, social media, web development, campaign levies, and print publications, among a variety of other related functions.  He is also registered as a legislative and executive agent in the State of Ohio and coordinates advocacy communications in conjunction with the association's lobbying team.  Prior to joining OACB, Herman advised elected officials and political candidates at the state and local level on media relations, public policy, and constituent/voter outreach. Past employers and clients have included former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray, former Canton mayor William Healy, former House Minority Leader Joyce Beatty, and members of the Democratic caucus of the Ohio House of Representatives.  Herman holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Kent State University.

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(614) 431-0616 ext. 7997

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